When does someone need a safe space?

Sometimes it is very clear when someone needs to take some time out, other times it is not so obvious. The following list will give you some clues to look out for, but everyone is different. As you get to know students, you will soon spot the signs of their stress and when they need to use the safe space. Over time, students may also be able to recognise when they need time out, and let you know before things get too much.

When becoming distressed, a person may:

  1. Fidget
  2. Become irritable and snappy
  3. Become tired or close their eyes more frequently than usual
  4. Avoid certain places or people
  5. Struggle with concentrating
  6. Find it hard to make decisions
  7. Worry more than usual
  8. Become tearful
  9. Become forgetful
  10. Feel sick or dizzy
  11. Complain of stomach aches or head aches
  12. Complain of heart palpitations or chest pain
  13. Cover their ears or eyes
A group of blue characters, all wearing red and blue. One is stimming by waving their hands back and forther, one is crying, one is looking confused and the other is sitting on the floor with their head in their hands.

What do you do when you become stressed? How do you feel? How do you behave towards others?

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