The difficult parent

Are you a “difficult parent” ?

As the parent or carer of a child with specific needs, or special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), there is a good chance that getting the support you need for your child hasn’t been easy. 

You will need frequent conversations with teachers to check things have been put in place, question why things haven’t been put in place, and even challenge school policies and practices. It is very common for parents of children with SEND to be labelled as ‘difficult parents’ or for it to feel that way. 

Even if your school is helpful, you will still have extra meetings and conversations that other parents don’t need. You have to keep files of documents and gather ‘evidence’ to ensure your child receives the support they need from the teachers and other service providers. It is a time-consuming process and can be exhausting. When your school is not experienced or understanding of your child’s needs, then you can find yourself in a constant battle which is frustrating, distressing and even damaging to your mental health and wellbeing. 

Not difficult, just a parent…..

But ‘difficult’ parents are just parents who want their child to do the very best they can. They are parents who want their kids to make friends. They are parents who need to know that their children can cope with life once they are not around to help them.

So to help you, we have developed this course. It will help you communicate with your child’s school and work with them to develop strong working relationships, resulting in better learning support and outcomes for your child. 

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Are you a difficult parent?

You may also want to encourage your child’s school to take the sister course to this one:

Teachers How to work with parents of SEND children!

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