Accessibility Framework

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In this course we discussed:

> what inclusion and accessibility means –  We discussed that it is important for people to know they are part of a discussion/ activity or group to be fully included. Just being present is not true inclusion. Accessibility is being able access to the opportunities, places, goods and services in the world around you. 

> why people are considered ‘disabled’ – We explained that people are considered disabled due to mental or physical impairments, but not being able to access the world around is the key disabling factor.

A group of blue characters. One in a wheelchair, one wearing dark glasses and using a white cane, another is limb different, with her right forearm missing and the final character has a cochlear implant.

> how to create an enabling environment – We also considered that when we provide the correct environment and appropriate tools, people are enabled. 

You should now be able to: 

use the WCA Accessibility Framework to assess challenges – by using the framework to work through the issues systematically, we can better pinpoint where the challenges might exist. 

use the WCA Accessibility Framework to identify solutions – once we have those challenges identified, then develop targeted actions to address those issues and make the changes that enable better access to learning.

create a more positive and inclusive learning environment 

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