Congratulations on completing the WECANACCESS course on how to work with schools!

We set out to teach you how to build a positive and constructive relationship with your child’s school. 

Image shows a group of blue characters, each with disabilities: one blind, one who is 'stimming' (flapping their arms), one has cerebral palsy and is in a supportive wheelchair, another is in a standard wheelchair and waving; Another character has a cochlear implant, another is doing sign language, one is limb different and is missing her right forearm and the final character is on crutches.

We looked at:

~ The huge workload teachers have and how important it is to work with them to find the best way to educate your child and ensure they flourish. 

~ How schools work and how school policies and guidance can help you ensure your child has the support they need. 

~ The need to be persistent sometimes 

Using summary sheets in communicating important information about your child.

~ How to establish regular and useful contact with teachers

 ~ The importance of letting the school get to know your child and family and how that helps them to better respond to your child.

Remember, the best bit about teaching is seeing a child blossom and reach their potential.  By working together, you and the teachers both get to enjoy watching your child do just that! 

After this course…

Following this course, additional help is available at

Ask questions on our forums and find ideas and inspiration in our blogs. 

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