Introduction – Siblings Copy

This course is about:

The siblings of children with specific needs. 

The siblings of children with specific needs; learning difficulties and disabilities; will have needs of their own. This is a group often overlooked or who are called upon to make compromises. They may have a caregiving role or feel their needs take second place to their sibling’s. There will also be emotional, social, educational and even physical pressures on siblings that need to be addressed.

This course will take you through what those pressures might be, the impact on a sibling and what support they might need.

This course is for:

School staff and those working with young people in youth club or activity settings.

By the end of this course you will: 

  • Have an understanding of some the issues facing siblings
    • The impact of diagnosis on the family
    • The emotional challenges the siblings face
    • The physical pressures facing siblings
    • The mental health issues that may occur
  • What support is needed
    • At school
    • Outside school
Two blue characters. One, aA child sits in a wheelchair. Their hand is bent upwards and they have head and foot rests, indicating they have cerebral palsy. They are smiling at another child standing next to them reaching out and smiling.

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