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Welcome Educators!

Welcome to WECANACCESS Academy. We are a certified social enterprise and UN Sustainable Development Goal Champion with a mission to improve inclusion and accessibility to the world around us.  

Our team comprises special educational needs and disability (SEND) experts, including academics, experienced teachers, parents and other people with lived experience. We want to see real change, real inclusion and real accessibility, so we work together to create courses that are practical and useful.

About this course 

This course is for all educators.  

Inclusive and accessible environments 

In this toolkit, you will learn how to create a more inclusive and accessible learning environments. Often small changes make a big difference to how you, or your students, access a place and their education. These changes do not have to involve weeks of training or expensive resources, it might be as simple as asking pupils to change their behaviour slightly, or moving the furniture around! Our toolkit will show you how to assess your learning environment and identify what you can do to ensure they can learn what you want to teach them. Don’t forget you can find ongoing advice and support on our conversation boards here.

We will discuss:

  • what inclusion and accessibility means
  • why people are considered to be ‘disabled’
  • how to create an enabling environment

Following this course you will be able to: 

  • Identify the challenges pupils might face when trying to learn
  • Identify practical, realistic measures to improve access to learning 
  • Create a more positive and inclusive learning environment 
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Additional support

Following this course, additional help is available at

Ask questions on our forums and find ideas and inspiration in our blogs. 

Join our community at WECANACCESS and help make the world a more accessible place for all.

UN Sustainable Development GoalsThis lesson is linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

– Goal 4 Quality Education

– Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities  

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