Encouraging inclusion in the classroom


Make your classroom more inclusive and bring pupil’s together with this activity that challenges your pupils (and you) to see the world through someone else’s eyes. It will give you the tools for fostering greater understanding and inclusion of people with disabilities, special needs and learning difficulties.

Three blue characters. They look young. Two standing and one in wheelchair, with one hance curled up to his shoulder. His head is supported by a head rest, and his feet are on support plates. He is smiling at two friends who are standing chatting to him.

Course content 

This course is for all educators and youth workers.  

The benefits of this activity include:

  • Better access to learning for all
  • Greater inclusion of pupils who might struggle to participate
  • Pupils develop skills and empathy that will benefit them outside of school life and into adulthood.

Additional support

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UN Sustainable Development GoalsThis lesson is linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

– Goal 4 Quality Education

– Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities  

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