Font Style

A font is the style of a typeface. Thanks to technology, we now have access to hundreds of different fonts at the click of a button. Many of us like to use fun fonts to brighten up our work and make it more attractive.

However, using crazy designs may make it more difficult to access worksheets, presentations and texts for some pupils. Have a look at these fonts, which one is easiest to read?

Image shows 5 different fonts, showing the sentence, 'which font is easiest for you to read'. Some are plain, others fancy fonts.

The style of font can make even simple text unreadable for some pupils. As we said, ‘decoding’ the symbols that make up our words and sentences is difficult enough.

Consider d b p q. They are very similar letters, commonly muddled up by young children and people with difficulties in literacy. We usually ensure that the ‘Q’ has a little tail to help, but in print it often does not have one. Look at d b p q in the different fonts below, how easy is it to identify the individual letters?

Image shows the letters d b p q in 5 different fonts
Imagine you are unfamiliar with the letters or can’t quite remember what each one is, how easy is it now?

When you chose a font, think about who will be reading it. Are they able to understand that Q without a tail is still a Q? Or that a P with a swirl in the middle is still a P?

Are the images below cute or confusing? Everyone’s brain works differently, we do not always understand what we are looking at in the same way.

A stylised letter B. It is coloured with large black and yellow stripes,
A 3d capital letter E, with a person running in front of it waving his arms.

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