Conclusion – Text and Reading

In this course you learned improve your pupils’ reading and understanding through ensuring you have the right text for them to read. We looked at examples of how the font, colour and size of text impacts on a pupil’s ability to engage with and understand what they are reading.

Recite Me

We use Recite Me software to translate and read the content of this site out loud. But Recite Me also changes text size, shape and colour to help you read what is on the site. Go to the top right hand corner to activate the Recite Me software.

Watch this video

Watch this video to learn how to use Recite Me and see how changing the font shape, size and colour of text on the screen can improve ability to read.

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A blue character is wearing glasses. He is holding a board that has the words 'font, size, colour' written on it over and again in many colours, fonts and sizes.
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