About WeCanAccess

Our team comprises special educational needs and disability experts, including academics, experienced teachers, parents and people with lived experience from around the world.

We want to see real change, real inclusion and real accessibility, so we work together to create courses that are practical and useful.

Image shows a group of blue characters, each with disabilities: one blind, one who is 'stimming' (flapping their arms), one has cerebral palsy and is in a supportive wheelchair, another is in a standard wheelchair and waving; Another character has a cochlear implant, another is doing sign language, one is limb different and is missing her right forearm and the final character is on crutches.

WeCanAccess is endorsed by the University of East London.

Read or download the letter of endorsement here:

WECANACCESS is a certified social enterprise with a mission to improve inclusion and accessibility to the world around us. 

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