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Child in hallway apparently emotionally depressed

Bullying and how to stop it.

Nobody deserves to be bullied. Bullying is bad for everyone involved – most importantly, the person who is bullied, who does not choose for this to happen to them. This course explains what bullying is, why people bully, what the impact is on the victim, and how to prevent it happening in the school or context.

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How to create sensory safe spaces

This course will teach you how to create sensory safe spaces that give people a break from sensory overload. We discuss why safe spaces are needed, when people need to use them, and how to make them work for you and your pupils.

Illustration of sibling with disabled sibling - bronze-colored tint


It is easy to forget, but the brothers and sisters of children with disabilities have challenges of their own to face.

This is a group often overlooked or who are called upon to make compromises. This course looks at some of the emotional, physical and social pressures on siblings, what educators should be aware of, and what support might be needed.

Stone statue of child emotionally depressed

Caregivers and Grief.

Parents and other caregivers can experience grief when caring for their loved one.

This course is for any professional, service provider and lay person wanting to understand how and why grief is experienced, and what that might mean for any interactions you might have with them.

Torso of man being debriefed by doctor holding tablet - Bronze-colored tint

Debriefing after an incident, getting it right.

This course takes you through the debriefing process following an incident with a pupil. It looks at what a debrief is, how to conduct one and why it is so vital to get it right.

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Encouraging Inclusion in the Classroom.

This course gives you tools for fostering greater understanding and inclusion of people with disabilities, special needs and learning difficulties. The activity challenges your mainstream pupils (and you) to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

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Parents – how to work with schools.

For parents wanting to build strong working partnerships with their child’s school and improve their child’s learning outcomes.

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How to work with parents of children with specific needs.

This course helps you to build strong working relationships with the parents of children with specific needs.

It will help you understand parents better and develop structured ways of working together.

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Creating a more accessible learning environment.

In this course, you will learn how to assess your environment and create a more inclusive and accessible place.

Often only small changes are needed to make a big difference to you and your students. This course gives you the tools you need to achieve effective change for the benefit of all students, within the means of your school.

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