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Child in hallway apparently emotionally depressed

Bullying – 10 minute teach

Welcome to our 10 Minute Teach on Bullying.
This short introduction to bullying explains what bullying is, why people bully, and what the impact is on the victim.

Illustration of anxious child in noisy environment - bronze-colored tint

Sensory Safe Spaces – 10 minute teach

Welcome to this Free 10 minute teach on sensory safe spaces.
You will learn what a sensory safe space is and gain an introduction to creating sensory safe spaces.

Illustration of sibling with disabled sibling - bronze-colored tint

Siblings – 10 minute teach

This free 10 minute teach introduces you to a group that is often overlooked and forgotten. We look at some of the pressures on siblings and what educators should be aware of.

Stone statue of child emotionally depressed

Caregivers and Grief – 10 minute teach.

Parents and other caregivers can experience grief when caring for their loved one.
This free 10 Minute Teach is for any professional, service provider and lay person wanting to understand how and why grief is experienced, and what that might mean for any interactions you might have with them.

Lettered cubes spelling inclusion - bronze-colored tint

Encouraging Inclusion in the Classroom – Full course.

We want everyone to be more inclusive, so we are offering this course for FREE. You will learn how to foster greater understanding and inclusion of people with disabilities, special needs and learning difficulties. The activity challenges your mainstream pupils (and you) to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Parent preparing food with disabled child - bronze-colored tint

Parents – how to work with schools – Full Course

A full module, aimed at parents wanting to build strong working partnerships with their child’s school and improve their child’s learning outcomes. FREE as we think it is super important!

Two toy robots shaking hands with bronze colored tint

How to work with parents of children with specific needs – 10 minute teach

This 10 Minute Teach will give you an introduction to building strong working relationships with the parents of children with specific needs.

It will help you understand parents better and develop structured ways of working together.

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