Summary – Special Needs, Inclusion and Accessibility; Tools for Schools

In this course you learned that when students are not engaged in a lesson, they will not learn well and behaviour can be poor. It makes a teacher’s job a lot harder. You can make a big difference to how your students behave and learn in the classroom by making sure they can fully join in the lesson.

We showed you step by step how to:

  • Identify pupil needs – even when they do not have a diagnosis
  • Identify actions that will help pupils learn better
  • Actions that benefit individual pupils
  • Actions that benefit the whole class

How to use the WeCanAccess Framework to identify a pupil’s needs and what you can do to support them.

How to use a SWOT analysis with your pupils to explore what works well in the class and what could be improved. This allows you to then come up with actions that the pupils will feel ownership over and help you to implement.

How to create an accessibility profile for both individuals and the whole class

Completing this course will also give you an internationally recognised CACHE level 1 qualification. You must achieve a final score of over 80% to be awarded your certificate, which will be sent out to you shortly after your score is verified.

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