Image shows a young boy in a wheelchair in a school corridor, he is wearing a harness for safety. He is being pushed by a friend of his own age towards the camera - they are both smiling.

Special Needs, inclusion and accessibility; Tools for Schools – CACHE Level 1

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Course Description: “Educators – Special Needs, Inclusion, and Accessibility: Tools for Schools”

Are you an educator seeking to create a more inclusive and accessible educational environment for all students, including those with special needs? Our comprehensive course provides the knowledge and practical tools you need to achieve this goal. Through engaging modules, you’ll understand the medical and social models of disability, learn to identify hidden and visible disabilities, explore cultural perspectives, and address barriers to diagnosis. You’ll master the SWOT method to identify hidden disabilities and develop accessibility profiles for individuals and classes. This course empowers you to foster inclusion, support special needs, and enhance accessibility, making a profound impact on your students’ educational experience. Join us on this transformative journey to become an advocate for inclusive education. Enroll today!

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