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WeCanAccess is a social enterprise with a mission to enable people to access the world physically, socially and economically.

WeCanAccess’ core aim is to create a social shift in attitudes and practices towards disability, accessibility, and inclusion.   

Image shows a group of blue characters, each with disabilities: one blind, one who is 'stimming' (flapping their arms), one has cerebral palsy and is in a supportive wheelchair, another is in a standard wheelchair and waving; Another character has a cochlear implant, another is doing sign language, one is limb different and is missing her right forearm and the final character is on crutches.

WeCanAccess Academy

WeCanAccess does this by providing practical, straight forward toolkits and training, backed up by a supportive online platform, that provide teachers, parents and allied professionals with the tools they need to develop positive working relationships, and learning environments. The toolkits are universal in nature, ensuring no one is left behind. They can be applied whether you are an educator in an urban school in the UK, or a village in rural Africa. These toolkits show how improved accessibility can benefit all pupils and teachers alike, and how it does not require expensive and extensive resources. 

A supportive platform

www.wecanaccess.com, provides additional materials, informative blogs and a review area where everyone can share information, advice and experiences around how accessibility and inclusion is done well.  Embedded ReciteMe software translates text into 100 languages and reads it out loud in 40 of those. This enables as many people as possible to join the conversation and ensures that people are not making changes alone.

An international team

David Bara
Emma Bara

David and Emma Bara are the co-founders of WeCanAccess. David has 20 years’ experience in education and special needs and Emma has over 20 years’ experience in the field of community development, policy and project management. They are parents of two children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

They are proud to have created a solid base and amazing team of individuals and organisations from around the world, who are practicing experts in the fields of disability, special education, community development and engagement. The members of this team are already changing lives for the better in their countries and can see the difference that WeCanAccess will make. The team is ready and excited at the prospect of delivering change to millions of children living with special educational needs and disabilities globally.

Contact david@wecanaccess.com or emma@wecanaccess.com for more information.

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