About Us

We Can Access

In 2012, our daughter was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour at the age of 2. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy saved her life but left her with some life changing disabilities. Through our journey, we have met hundreds of families who, like us, are trying to navigate their way through a world that isn’t always designed for kids like ours. So, we created We Can Access, a website where people with disabilities, their families and carers can find support, share ideas and discover ways to access the world around them. 

WeCanAccess is a certified Social Enterprise, a partner of the World Health Innovation Summit and a UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Champion.

Meet Our Team

Hi, we are David and Emma Bara, co founders of WeCanAccess. We are building an amazing team, of experts in special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), parents and carers of SEND children and people with specific needs from around the world. Come and meet some of the  amazing people who help write our courses and guide what we do.  

David Bara

CEO & Co-Founder David Bara has 20 years’ experience in Special Educational Needs as a teacher, university academic and parent. He has a global knowledge of special education and the wider economic and social issues around it, speaking internationally and supervising students from all over the world on their Masters degrees in Special Education.

Emma Bara

Co Founder Emma is the parent of 2 SEND children and has over 20 years experience in sustainability, delivering outreach educational programs, community capacity building and project management at grassroots and governmental levels in the UK, Thailand and Australia.

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