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Two blue characters. One, aA child sits in a wheelchair. Their hand is bent upwards and they have head and foot rests, indicating they have cerebral palsy. They are smiling at another child standing next to them reaching out and smiling.

Siblings (GS)

It is easy to forget, but the brothers and sisters of children with disabilities have challenges of their own to face.

This is a group often overlooked or who are called upon to make compromises. This course looks at some of the emotional, physical and social pressures on siblings, what educators should be aware of, and what support might be needed.

Character is sitting on the floor holding his head and crying. Above their head, lights are shining and a speaker is blaring music notes out.

How to create sensory safe spaces (B)

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In English

Our mission is to enable people to access the world physically, socially and economically, improving inclusion and accessibility to the world around us. WeCanAccess is a certified Social Enterprise and has been identified as a Global Pioneer by #learningplanet (a project of UNESCO and CRI).

En Español

Nuestra misión es permitir que las personas accedan al mundo física, social y económicamente, mejorando la inclusión y la accesibilidad al mundo que nos rodea. WeCanAccess es una empresa social certificada y ha sido identificada como pionera mundial por #learningplanet (un proyecto de la UNESCO y CRI).

Em Português

Nossa missão é permitir que as pessoas tenham acesso ao mundo física, social e economicamente, melhorando a inclusão e a acessibilidade ao mundo ao nosso redor. WeCanAccess é uma empresa social certificada e foi identificada como uma pioneira global por #learningplanet (um projeto da UNESCO e CRI).

En Français

Notre mission est de permettre aux gens d’accéder au monde physiquement, socialement et économiquement, en améliorant l’inclusion et l’accessibilité au monde qui nous entoure. WeCanAccess est une entreprise sociale certifiée et a été identifiée comme un pionnier mondial par #learningplanet (un projet de l’UNESCO et du CRI).


Excellent approach for parents of SEND children on how to work with schools.

This course is an amazing tool to get confidence to work together with schools. The focus on understanding each other, cooperation, and awareness of school procedures promotes good practices and facilitates the creation of real inclusive education communities.
Concepcion Maldonado Mendez

Just completed this training! It taught me a lot and I think it will be very useful for schools. This area is often not thought about enough!
Grace Williams

Education is a right of every child regardless of Disability. Children with Disabilities should be able to access quality Education near them, without having to travel at so far. Imagine we have more Inclusive Schools in our country.
Funmi Ogunro Fdf
Creating a more accessible learning environment with the WCA Accessibility Framework!

This is very valuable information for those wanting to learn about inclusion and access. The WCA Accessibility Framework is a tool anyone can use to understand and help someone with a disability.
Aloysia Ogle

WeCanAccess is endorsed by the School of Communities and Education, University of East London.

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